Amanda is 30-something who loves life, her family, friends, dogs, theater, writing, reading, pop culture and hearing other people’s stories. She thinks laughing is the best thing in the world, and she would love to live a) at the beach or b) in a bookstore. Maybe a bookstore at the beach? She’s a tomboy who loves glitter, thinks caffeine is a gift from heaven, and has a sassy five-year-old whose drama queen tendencies often remind her of someone….who is it…..

Amanda’s favorite topics: theater, pets, parenthood, pop culture, TV and movies, internet, weather

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Dwayne’s least favorite topics: writing short biographies of himself, exercise, cats, The Following

Dwayne’s favorite topics: #hashtags, #AmazingRace, #TheArts, #BigData, #BeingANewDad, #ComicBooks, #DeclarationOfIndependence, #DoctorWho, #Dogs, #HarryPotter, #Hartford, #Infographics, #Internets, #JamesFranco, #MakingFunOfAmanda, #Movies, #SciFi, #SuperHeros, #Technology

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Lisa is a wife and mother to a pup named Judy and a motley flock of nameless chickens. She loves to sew, paint, make jewelry, and constantly redecorate her house.  When she’s not throwing a ball for Judy or planning her next creative project, Lisa loves to cook, garden, hula-hoop, read, and share her opinions on this lovely website.

Lisa’s favorite topics: TV and movies, arts and crafts, cooking, pets, health and beauty, internet, pop culture

Follow Lisa on Twitter @lgaumond


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