Oh, hey.

Oh, hey.

So. HEY!

I’m not sure how to start this.

I used to blog. A lot. I had a steady blog for about 7 years, as a matter for fact. I trailed off probably about 18 months ago, and totally quit last winter.

There was just too much going on. So much to write about, life-changing stuff, but nothing I felt was anyone’s business. Not the mass public, anyway. For a person who loves to share, who relishes the spotlight – I found myself in the midst of my life exploding, decomposing, then rebuilding, but with no urge to share all of the mess with the world.

Blogs are in a weird state now. I read very few. I certainly don’t expect anyone to read here. Yet I was compelled to write something this morning. But it’s weird returning after such an enormous break, right?

I have no interest in divulging the minute details of my life here anymore. I would love to get back here every once in a while to share my thoughts on the surface things – the stuff I love- the theater, the tv, the weather. Even if I’m the only one reading. I missed sending my random stuff out into the ether.

But I’ve been burned by a number of people over the past year, and just don’t feel like the stuff closest to my heart is public property anymore.

So – I got divorced, I moved, Junior moved on to doggie heaven, I have an awesome and intense new job, Jane is amazing, I have a girlfriend.

It’s been snowing a lot, and it’s terribly, terribly cold. I’m desperate for spring.

What’s new with you?



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