2014. Let’s do this.

As you well know, I was a terrible blogger in 2013. I did pretty well through March on the old blog, but fell apart after that, and have been extremely sporadic over here. So, you know, in terms of a 2013 recap? You’re not going to get one. Mostly because the year was a blur, and I don’t have a real record to look back on.

Some highlights I do remember: great new job I loooooove, did four shows, including directing one and co-directing another one that I also appeared in, lots of boat and pool time, turned 40, finally got a week off this past week, stayed generally healthy except for the extra weight I gained this month due to my steady diet of chips, dip, chocolate and wine (oh – except for the flu in April, which was disgusting), hung out on my back deck with friends all summer, Jane started first grade, Greg got a fancy new car you plug in because he ran out of gas one too many times, and life rolled on.

And now it’s on to 2014. I’m obsessed with fresh slates, new calendars, new months and especially new years. I know it’s simply symbolic but I love it. Here’s to a fantastically creative, fun, healthy, fabulous, exciting year!


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