TV: Cutting the Cord / From Sterling Archer to Daniel Tiger / My Shameful Pleasure

Dwayne's Head

This was originally going to be three separate, fully fleshed-out posts over a few different days, but I got (stayed?) super lazy. Enjoy.

Cutting The Cord

About 18 month ago, we finally did it, and this is how it all went down:

1) Purchase Apple TV
2) Renew Netflix Subscription
3) Start Hulu Plus Subscription
3.5) Jailbreak Apple TV to get Hulu Plus on Apple TV (Apple has since come to its senses and made Hulu a standard app.)
4) Purchase HDTV Antenna
5) Tell the Cable Company to Go Fck Itself
6) Celebrate the Most Awesome Decision We’ve Ever Made

It wasn’t the smoothest transition we’ve ever made. I mean, it forced us to interact with each other more and actually enjoy each other’s company. But now, we watch so little television that it’s pretty fantastic. It gives me all sorts of free time to do things like watch stupid youtube videos or read even-more-stupid memes. Or search craigslist to find someone to mow my lawn so I can stay inside to watch more youtube videos.

From Sterling Archer to Daniel Tiger


Early on, when I was home alone with my infant son, I would watch all manner of television, but most notably, I watched all three seasons of Archer on Netflix over and over and over again. My son watched it as well. In fact, he was infatuated with the opening credits. I thought, “He’s so young; there’s no way it’s doing anything to his tiny little developing brain.”

Then my wife forwarded me a study that suggested infants may be learning about how to interact with other humans through the television they hear. And I freaked out. Have you seen Archer? I mean, I LOVE those characters (especially Lana Kane, voiced by the equally object-of-my-affection Aisha Tyler), but HOLY SHIT. If my son thinks that is how humans interact, I have seriously ruined him. (And maybe have made him a super spy.)

From that point, we decided to not watch any adult television around him and to only watch a minimal amount of children’s television with him when we needed some entertainment. That’s how I found Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I fcking love it.

Sorry Archer, but Daniel is my new BFF.


My Shameful Pleasure

I can’t help it. This show does it for me:

If you need a reason why, just check out this scene from Rivals 1. Tell me it’s not the trashiest, insulting-est, disgusting-est, amazing-est thing you’ve ever seen:


2 responses to “TV: Cutting the Cord / From Sterling Archer to Daniel Tiger / My Shameful Pleasure

  1. Please tell me more about your HDTV antenna. I have done all of those things, plus buy a Mac Mini so I can use my TV as my monitor, but I still want to get the stupid local news. I’m tired of paying Comcast $30 a month to watch Good Morning America but there are too many antennae out there to pick from. Instruct me. Which one did you buy?

    • GE Model 24775. Amplified Quantum Antenna.

      Although, I am not sure if it’s where we live or the antenna, but my wife constantly complains about it. If she wants to get FOX, she literally has to move it to the other side of the room. But to get NBC, she has to move it back to the other side. This does not seem worthy of complaining, and yet…

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