the august break: breakfast

So I’m once again doing The August Break. I love this project and this is my fourth (or third? maybe third) year doing it, although the first year in this space. I’m no photographer, but what I love is it sort of forces you to notice and appreciate  your surroundings, at least for a moment, which is something I fail to do on a regular basis, as things in Amanda Land tend to be rush rush rush, and rush some more.

Today’s prompt was breakfast. I didn’t start drinking coffee until about five years ago, but I think I’ve consumed a lifetime’s worth since. Oh, delicious, caffeine-filled coffee – you complete me.

I’ve been swinging by Au Bon Pain in the mall near my house to get coffee before work for the past few years. The staff knows me and gives me the employee discount, and all the retired mall walkers gather there to gossip (and complain mightily about Barack Obama). I kind of love this part of my day, because it’s the pit stop of sanity in between my insane morning and a (probably) insane work day.

Dear coffee, I salute you.



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