what are you staring at, august?

August, what the hell are you doing here? No, seriously – why are you at my doorstep? It feels like 10 seconds ago I was shoveling out three feet of snow, and now I’m somehow looking at the last full month of summer?  Not to mention the last full month of my 30s? Shut up. Go away.

OK, fine. Whatever. I see you’re sticking around.

This summer has been a strange one so far. Starting a new job and not being able to take any vacation has thrown me off. Between birthday parties and birthday parties and then the other birthday parties, I totally lost July. The back-to-school stuff is already in the stores, and Jane is in her fifth week of camp. Seriously?

That said, let’s make it count, August. Here’s what I’ve got planned for you, presented in the form of my favorite writing technique – asterisks:

*Beach trip, feet in sand, sun on face, book in hand – at least once, God please, or I will go insane

*Nerdy book club

*The August Break, this time with prompts – super-excited to be doing this for the fourth year, and it also means you’ll be seeing me a lot more around here – daily, even!

*Many back deck evenings with drinks and friends – a very excellent summer tradition, which you’re always welcome to join (yes, I’m talking to you)

*NYC for silly good times with my Hoboken-dwelling Lisa, including a required pit stop here

*Some theater

*Some more theater  

*More birthday parties = more cake = happy

*Boat (family rule: all free moments must be dedicated to boat by order of the captain)

*Some more theater

*First day of FIRST GRADE for Jane, OMFG

What’s up for your August?


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