HeadsHave you ever sold your house?  You know how in the last few weeks leading up to when you list it, you scramble and scrape and finally get around to finishing all of the projects you’ve been meaning to tackle?  You finally paint that ceiling and install that piece of trim?  You think about packing and realize that you don’t even LIKE half of the crap in your cabinets/closets/dresser drawers so you toss or donate it? Then you clean and you landscape and when you’re satisfied that your home is absolutely perfect, you list it and sell your finished, clean, decluttered home to someone else?  Yeah, that really stinks doesn’t it?

Well I’ve recently managed to trick my brain into thinking that we’re selling our house.  I’m on an all-out cleaning/organizing/updating/purging spree and it feels amazing. I blame two recent influences on this productive bout of crazy.

I read yet another book about a couple who quit their jobs, sell everything they own, buy a sailboat, and spend their time crossing the oceans, living the dream.  It made me think about what I’d really want to take with me if I was living on a catamaran, and I can tell you that loads of extra dishes and multiple sets of margarita glasses weren’t at the top of the list.  I started to go through the kitchen cabinets, purging the things I don’t use: the Madeleine pan I used once, the vintage Pyrex everything that I hoard but don’t use… I could go on.

Then a week or so ago, my husband and I were driving through a cute part of South Glastonbury where three sets of our friends live and we spotted a house for sale.  We started dreaming of how amazing it would be to live there and how crazy it would be to go from 13 to 0.45 acres of land, but still, the seed was planted.  I got home and thought, IF we were to ever move, would I really want to take this dusty bookshelf full of already read paperbacks with me? No, I would not.  I also hate that little side table, and why on earth do I still have all of the boxes for every cell phone/computer/camera lens I have purchased in the last 10 years.  PURGE!

A few years ago—long enough that I BOOKMARKED a photo because there was no Pinterest—I saw this floor and decided to redecorate my half bath, paint the walls, and install that awesome striped floor.  Well… this week I ordered tiles for the floor.  That project is getting finished!

I’m selling excess China to Replacements.com, I resurrected an old Etsy shop to list some of my vintage goodies, and I’m planning to hit Ebay with some of my non-vintage extras that are still good enough to sell.

And man, does it feel good.  We might not buy that house in South Glastonbury, or that catamaran that Luke would really like to move onto, but at least we’ll be a few pounds lighter and a few cabinets emptier on the off-chance we change our minds.

Now I have to sign off, that ceiling isn’t going to paint itself.


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