Goodbye, Google Reader. You Piece of S*IT.

Dwayne's Head

In a follow-up post to my eloquently worded article about the end of Google Reader (which can be found here), I am thrilled to announce that I’ve found my replacement. And she is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 11.43.53 PM

Feedly, I don’t know if it’s your simple, sexy, intuitive website or your quasi-curated content (“featured” articles from my feeds based on an engagement number–i.e., the amount of shares) , but you have gotten me excited about exploring my feeds again.

And your iPhone app. I can’t express my feelings for it without turning this post XXX-rated, so I won’t.

IMHO, you kick Google Reader’s ass.

In case it isn’t clear, I am in love. Check it out:



2 responses to “Goodbye, Google Reader. You Piece of S*IT.

  1. I love Feedly! I’m kind of happy that Google Reader is dead now because if I hadn’t been forced to look for other options, I would have never found Feedly. You’re right, the iPhone app is the best part. (I’m feeling a bit too sincere and agreeable in this comment, it just doesn’t seem right.)

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