The A is for Awesome



Late in spring, shortly after I hired Amazon to do all of my shopping, I took another step toward a fully automated life: I joined a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you join a CSA, you buy a share of a particular farm’s crops.  Each week (or very other week) shareholders receive a portion of whatever crops were harvested at the farm that week.

The benefit of joining a CSA is that you’re helping the local farm by providing upfront income, and in exchange you get gorgeous, fresh, local produce.  The drawback is that you don’t get to choose what veggies you receive, and if the weather causes the crops to grow poorly, you may not receive much of a return.

So far, that has not been my experience.

I bought a half share of the spring and summer crops from Beckett Farms in Glastonbury. I picked Beckett mostly because they still had shares available in April when I finally remembered to check into joining a CSA, and also because they had a pick-up location close to my job.  It was also a bonus that they offered half shares because I had heard from others that CSAs tend to give you so much produce that you end up throwing most of it out.  My half share gives me an every-other-week box of veggies.

Today I picked up my first box and could barely lift it.


HOLY GREEN GOODNESS.  Who would like to come over for a salad?  Does anyone have any interesting ideas for using up a bunch of arugula the size of a beach ball?  How about two giant heads of bok choy?

One reason I wanted to join a CSA was so I could discover new vegetables.  I wanted to be presented with veggies that I had to use instead of buying the same, tired, old produce I buy each week at the store and I’m psyched to get started.

Sooo… who has a favorite recipe for broccoli rabe?


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