television sucks!



Like every good and proper theater geek, a highlight of this past weekend were the three hours I parked my ass on the couch and watched the Tonys on Sunday night. As a devotee of my DVR, it is rare that I will watch live television, as I am pretty sure I am allergic to commercials at this point. But for the sake of the theatah, I took one for the team and watched it IN REAL TIME. I’m not sure there is much else that can illustrate how much I adore theater.

Lots of people are talking about the amazing opening number, which was penned by my loves Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail (of In the Heights fame, both), and it was indeed great (in particular the rap that starts at about the 5:30 mark – which I just replayed three – make that four -times), but my favorite part came later in the show.

It was an absolutely hilarious number performed by a handful of Broadway stars that went on to star in television shows this past season  – which all subsequently got canceled. It was amazing and awesome, and the best part was the fact that I love all of those actors – Andrew Rannells (“The New Normal”), Laura Benanti (“Go On’), and Megan Hilty (my beloved “Smash”) – and watched all of their shows. And am devastated that each one got axed. Why do you hate me, NBC? WHY?

You have, have, have to watch this. Guaranteed goodness.

Oh, and Andrew Rannells? You had me at “Now you’re just being a douche.”


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