in which I’m very glad I didn’t take a later train.


So on Friday, I took the 12:53 p.m. train out of New Haven to Grand Central, for approximately 24 hours of shenanigans with friends in my favorite city. Only 3 ½ hours later, a train departed from New Haven following the same route, only to derail from the tracks and crash with another train. Somehow no one died, but a lot of people are seriously hurt.
I don’t mean to be like “it’s all about me.” Obviously it is not. But still – the closeness of the whole thing freaks me out. The trains were new. The tracks were not. So were the tracks I bounced over earlier that afternoon about to give? I mean – holy shit, right? Holy shit.
Aside from that drama – and the ensuing issue of finding an alternate route home, via a rental car picked up in New Jersey, as the trains were down and continue to be days later – the rest of the trip was your standard New York good time, from which I am still recovering. Who do I think I am, getting back to the hotel at 3 a.m.? Or, more importantly, how OLD do I think I am? I’ll never learn.









One response to “in which I’m very glad I didn’t take a later train.

  1. I am jealous of every NY trip you take. Please invite me one of these times. I promise to try hard not to embarrass you. (Also please tell me who this lovely-toothed smiley man is that I keep seeing you pose with. Am I not cool enough to know who he is?)

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