I would never consider myself to be trendy, and in fact if  you called me trendy, I’d probably poke you in the eye, but I do like to know what’s going on in the world.  I’m less of a cool kid and much more like a crabby old man asking gruffly what the heck that thing is that everyone keeps talking about.

Lately everyone is talking about chia seeds.  Chia seeds, you might ask?  Yes chia seeds.  They’re exactly what they sound like.  Remember that Chia-Obama you got for Christmas back in 2008?  Those seeds you’re supposed to smear on the clay head?  Chia seeds.

Chia seeds resemble oblong poppy seeds, but when you soak them in water they develop a gelatinous coating; a slime, if you will.

You’re tempted already, aren’t you?

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein, as well as many important minerals.  The slime is even said to help with weight loss because it keeps you feeling full.  Claims have been made that consuming chia seeds can help with acid reflux and heartburn, and even lower blood pressure.

Yeah, yeah, that’s all fine and dandy, but I wanted to check out the slime.  Although I have a flinchy, squicky reaction to touching slimy things with my hands, I have a strange fascination with eating slimy foods.  This whole gelatinous coating thing was intriguing.

The back of the bag had a recipe for Chia Fresca, which essentially looked like seltzer and lemonade with slimy seeds.  Perfect.  Maybe it will be like bubble tea (which I have yet to try but which looks just as interestingly nasty).

Last night I started soaking some chia seeds in water, and made a simple syrup with lemon juice.  Tonight I took both out of the fridge and, although you can’t make it out from this picture, the seeds were SLIMY.  Thick and gooey.  It reminded me of tomato seeds.  Are you grossed out yet?

A spoonful of slimy chia and one of lemon syrup, topped off with seltzer and a lemon slice over ice.  Mmm… lemonade with bugs.

Actually, it was really delicious. The seeds softened and the gel mixed with the seltzer so they weren’t slimy when I drank them.  It was interesting and odd.

I have a giant bag of chia seeds now so I took to Pinterest to find some other chia recipes and boy, are there others.  Mostly they fall into either the pudding category, or the sprinkle-it-on-top-of-stuff category.  I’m interested in trying the chocolate chia pudding next.  Let’s see how slimy we can get these things.

So what do you think?  Would you try chia seeds?  Have you already?


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