a glorious trainwreck



Are you guys following the insanity surrounding the “Today” show? Even if you don’t watch it on a daily basis (which I don’t – it’s a rare day I have it on), you must have heard about the horribly-handled dismissal of Ann Curry last year, and how the ratings are tanking, and how pretty much everyone hates former-nice-guy Matt Lauer now, right?

Well, if not, and even if you think you’re caught up, I INSIST you read this cover story in New York Magazine this week. It’s a super-entertaining, gossipy read, and makes me even more excited for New York Times’ media reporter Brian Stelter’s upcoming book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, which promises all of the dirt on competing shows like “Today,” “GMA,” and what have you.

I may not love morning TV, but I sure do enjoy a healthy dose of behind-the-scenes gossip. Check it out!


One response to “a glorious trainwreck

  1. This is probably the longest article I’ve ever read in my entire life, but I finished it.

    Poor Ann Curry. I mean, she was awful at her job, but I still loved her.

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