love and marriage


“The question isn’t whether there will be a happy ending. The question is when. That’s what’s truly remarkable about this juncture: the aura of inevitability that hovers over it.”

It’s not my plan to post Frank Bruni columns here every week. But I had a big ol’ smile on my face when I read this one yesterday. It makes me proud and happy to be able to respond “yes” when Jane asks the simple question, “can two girls get married?,” and sorry for parents before me who had to explain why not. For all the reasons I loathe Connecticut (really, it’s just one: winter), I am overjoyed that everyone in my state has the right to marriage. And I will celebrate the day when the rest of the country follow suit.

“The trajectory is undeniable. The trend line is clear. And the choice before the justices is whether to be handmaidens to history, or whether to sit it out.”

I say, let’s make history.


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