Chalk Markers


Chalk markers: where have you been all my life?  Seriously.

(This is where finally let my true colors fly and start to look less like a cool, snarky, pop culture consumer, and more like the Martha Stewart-y, home organizing nerd that I am.)

These are what I’m talking about.  Chalk markers, AKA wet erase markers.  This pack I got when I ordered a chalk sandwich board for work, but Staples sells a decent pack of them made by Expo, and Amazon sells them, too.  So why, you’re asking yourself, am I going on and on about markers?  Because they are awesome and there are a million reasons to use them.

Of course, they’re bright and bold and easy to write with on a chalkboard. No dust!  No horrid squeaky chalk sound!

But even better, because they wipe off with just a wet cloth, you can write on just about any smooth surface.  Selling your car?  Write on the windshield.  Have bored kids bugging you?  Let them decorate the stainless steel refrigerator!  Need to mark which trash can to throw recyclables into at a party?  Write on the lid of the can!  Mystery soup in that crock pot?  Write the name of the soup on the outside of the crock pot!

Seriously, I could go on and on.  This weekend I took all of the ugly, disorganized bags of rice and grains in the pantry and put them in clear containers, then wrote what the grain was and how to cook it on the container with the chalk marker.  I bought a hanging plant at Lowe’s with a boring, white ceramic vase so I fancied it up with chalk marker polka dots.  This is me (on a grumpy day) standing in front of the mirror in my offuce that I decorated with chalk marker culry-Qs:

The possibilities are endless and we could all use a little extra neon in our lives right now, couldn’t we?  Check out the variety for sale on Amazon:  Unleash your inner-artist/organizing fool and go have some fun!


One response to “Chalk Markers

  1. Oh I am so glad you posted about these, as I was going to ask you about them. I need to get them for Jane! (see: “bored kids who are bugging you”)

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