Great and Powerful

Dwayne's Head

My son, not even three months old, is already ruining my life.

Case in point: I’ll not get to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Big deal, right? So I have to wait a few months before renting and watching from the comfort of my own home. Well, it is a HUGE deal to me, and I’ll give you three reasons why:

1)  The Land of Oz Canon. I love this kinda shit — fully realized worlds, existing only in our minds, with their own history, fantastical characters, and life-changing adventures. Add a little magic in there, and I’m m in heaven. Now, I should admit, I’m not a fan of The Wizard of Oz movie (it was a little too family-friendly for my taste), but I love the world L. Frank Baum’s created (and Return to Oz was the shit), and I’m uber excited to see this prequel.

2) James Franco (JF). In spite of what my blog partners say, I am NOT in love (or in obsession)  with JF, but I am in love with his work. As an actor, he, IMHO, makes interesting choices that keep me engaged. As a person, he and I would be BFFs if we were to meet IRL. I make a point to see all his movies as soon as they’re out, and he’s yet to disappoint. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him in this since the announcement in 2011.

3) Movies. I LOVE watching movies, all movies — good movies and bad movies, from hard-hitting action to documentaries. But even more, I love GOING to the movies. There’s something meaningful that happens sitting in a crowded theater, watching a film, reacting with and to the other people around me. It’s a communal experience, and I greatly value it as an important part of my happiness. And the fact that my wife loves it as much as I do means that we’ve spent a lot of time at the movies. Before she became pregnant, if it were the weekend, it was safe to assume we were going to see a movie. The opening weekend of a movie is my favorite time to go — a time when you know everyone in the audience is experiencing it for the first time.

IMHO, this movie, even if it is awful, is going to be fucking amazing and I’ll love it.

So, my son is ruining my life by not allowing me to go see this movie when I want. I’ll eventually forgive him, but he’s going to have to so something phenomenal to make it up.


One response to “Great and Powerful

  1. You are SO obsessed. But that move does look fantastic, despite your boyfriend and his creepy smile.

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