Do No Harm. Discuss.

So let’s talk about “Do No Harm” for a minute.

What is it that we are supposed to be talking about? you might be asking. And that wouldn’t be surprising. The NBC medical drama based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aired a grand total of two times earlier this winter before getting the big ax due to some historically low ratings.

Here’s the thing: I am NOT a fan of medical dramas (mostly because I immediately diagnose myself with whatever ailment they are talking about on the show). I am also not particularly interested in a modern take on the whole Jekyll/Hyde thing. I’ve been over that story since I saw that hideous Frank Wildhorn musical, Jekyll & Hyde. Did I mention it starred Sebastian Bach when I saw it? Exactly.

But it was, in fact, the theater dork side of me that led me to DNH in the first place. The ever-so-brilliant-and-adorable Lin Manuel-Miranda, who wrote/starred in one of my favorite musicals, In the Heights, had a small part in the show and was tweeting about it incessantly during filming. Wanting a fix of Mr. Miranda, I recorded it, found out it was canceled shortly after, and kind of forgot about it until last night.

When I got home auditions for my show (which went excellently, thank you for asking) I was wired, Greg was asleep, and I wanted to watch something. I knew he would have no interest in DNH, so I decided to check it out.

And damn it all to hell, I really liked it.

I find myself actually interested in the character of Jason Cole, a neurologist who switches into his evil alternate personality, Ian Price, for 12 hours a day beginning at 8:25 p.m. During the first episode, we find out the drugs Jason has been giving himself to suppress the evil side of him don’t work anymore – and his evil side is all kinds of pissed at being locked down for so long. Chaos ensues. There is a love interest who is now terrified of Jason because she saw the Ian side of him. Will she believe Jason when he tells her that he’s not really an awful, gross, violent jerk?  There is a mysterious ex-girlfriend with a child. Is it his child? Will they find a new drug concoction that works? Will Jason be able to “kill” Ian, as he proclaimed he would do at the end of episode one? Is it possible for Steven Pasquale to be any hotter? I WANT ANSWERS.

Unless they wrap everything up in episode two, which I have yet to watch, we will never find out. And I’m super bummed about it. Guess I should have watched “Glee” instead – and a person should never have to say they should have watched “Glee” instead.

So am I the only one who watched  this show?


One response to “Do No Harm. Discuss.

  1. This sounds like exactly the show that is not for me. Unless you could make Sebastian Bach star in it, in which case I would tune in in a heartbeat.

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