Is this thing on?


Hi hi hi. Hi! All day I’ve had the idea that I will write a kick-off post to my section of the blog, and then this thing got in the way. And that thing. And the other thing. And here I am, frantically typing character descriptions for You Can’t Take It With You which I am directing and have auditions for on Sunday and I’m unprepared and Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale is blasting in the background and I can’t think and my head is spinning from the way too many iced coffees I had today and and and…..

Hi. Welcome to my section of the blog. I ramble. I’m scattered. If you know me in real life, you know that’s my thing. My jam, if you will. (That’s what the kids say, right?)

I’m super-psyched to be directing this show, by the way, and very excited that auditions are almost here. I am hoping and praying for a good turnout, but at this point I’ve harassed people about auditioning so much on Facebook and elsewhere that I do believe people are going to start hiding or unfriending me, if they haven’t already.

Hopefully, a week from now I’ll be at my first rehearsal with a mega-talented brand-new cast. See my fingers? They are crossed.

Welcome to crazytown.

PS Dwayne is already yelling at me about not having an OPINION in my first post, which I suppose is correct and should probably be there, since that’s the point of this blog. So let me tag on something that I love love love and I think is the best thing that I’ve seen on the Internet in months, IMHO:


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