Freakin’ SMASH


Can we talk about SMASH?

Now I know that a lot of people hate-watched SMASH last season and a lot more made fun of it, but I loved SMASH.  It was a weekly event for my sister and me; we couldn’t wait for the new episodes to come out.  And now this year…meh.  Worse than “meh”, actually.  Now it’s more like “SMASH? Oh yeah, I forgot about that show.”  Last night I realized that there were three unwatched episodes in my Hulu queue.  I almost didn’t care enough to watch them but out of loyalty for my love of last season, I had to try.  I know that part of the problem is me, but a big part of the problem is the show, itself.  Allow me to make a list of the problems.

1. & 2. Katharine McPhee’s BOOBS.  Holy crap.  Someone went out and bought themselves a pair of presents over the hiatus.  Boobs appear to be the costume designer’s theme over the three episodes I’ve seen so far.  Hoisted, squished, cleaved: the boobs are everywhere and they are distracting.  Cover those girls up, I can’t hear you sing.

3. Actually that last part there was a lie.  I CAN hear you sing, and in fact SHHHHH!!!! Sheesh! It’s all scream-singing and belting it this season.  Now this is definitely a Lisa problem, not a SMASH problem since I’m the kind of lady who enjoys turning off the volume and watching movies in closed captioning.  (So what? I like the quiet), so when Jennifer Hudson shows up to shatter the glass of my TV screen, I reflexively hit the mute button until her scene ends.  It’s like I told Mariah Carey (in my head): just because you can do that with your voice, it doesn’t mean that you should.

4. I love Anjelica Houston, I do.  She’s a talented actress, but she is completely incapable of acting out a fake phone conversation and this season she spends half of her time yelling at someone on the phone.  It drives me bananas.

5. WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO ROOT FOR??  Everyone is despicable.  No one is nice and I really dislike everyone and their whiny, rude ways.

So tell me what you think.  Am I right?  Am I wrong?  Is this season as terrible as I think it is?  Should I keep watching or jump ship like I did with Glee?


2 responses to “Freakin’ SMASH

  1. Lisa. You are confused. Problems #1 and #2 are not problems at all. I actually want to watch the show more now than before I read your post. Well, no, I don’t. Perhaps I will watch it using the closed-captioned Lisa method.

  2. I could NOT agree more about Anjelica Houston. She is terrible in this show. And I can’t stand that Katharine McPhee is supposed to be some sort of big Broadway talent because it is clear she has no soul. But I will watch Smash forever just like I will watch Glee forever. Because I can’t help myself.

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