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We decided to kick off this exciting, new venture by asking ourselves why we’re doing this. Why join forces to start IMHO? Why team up with those other two hooligans? Why? We’ve each answered in our own words, and if you’ve never read our blogs or tweets in the past, this will give you a taste of each of our voices and styles. We hope you enjoy it.

Amanda says…

Lisa, who I’ve named President of this Blog, has instructed me to write about why I wanted to do this blogging thing with her and Dwayne. And since she is, as I’ve mentioned, President of the Blog, I will do what she says. The truth is, the reason is because I think they’ll make me look good, because they are super funny and entertaining. And because I was getting very very lazy about posting on my personal blog, but I still want to blog, if that makes any sense. Which is doesn’t. (This will be a theme in my writing, as you will see.) What you will find here is not so much me talking about Jane and my own personal life, but me talking about stuff I like (theater, Downton Abbey, Don Draper, candy), stuff I hate (winter, animated movies, Glee, snow, winter, ice, winter), an overload of pop culture musings (for example: why Johnny Lee Miller is a superior Sherlock Holmes, no matter what Dwayne says), the adventures of turning 40 this year (will it be “40 and Fabulous”? or “40 and I Can’t Believe I’m F*!&ing 40”?) and other such nonsense. The fact is, I have opinions. Many of them. And I get twitchy if I can’t share them. So enjoy.

Dwayne says…

I am doing this because one night, on Twitter, I JOKINGLY invited myself into Amanda and Lisa’s conversation about doing a joint blog and JOKINGLY invited myself into a blog threesome.

In fact, until about 30 seconds ago, I thought this whole joint blog thing was a JOKE. Further in fact, I am still not convinced it’s actually happening, but if I dig much further into this line of thinking, I am going to end up in some weird, metaphysical space in which I start pondering the fact that you are currently reading my blog post about why I am doing a blog that I think might not actually be a real blog, but all that metaphysical-space pondering leads to is a run-on sentence, which isn’t very fun for any of us, amirite?

So just in case this is not a joke, I will say this: Lisa and Amanda have made my dreams come true by trusting me to say WHATEVER I WANT TO SAY on their blog. While my cartoon face is on this blog’s “About” page, I am really just a guest here. One of those annoying guests that talks to much, makes inappropriate noises, and way over stays his welcome.

But, IMHO, I am the only thing that’s going to make this blog interesting to read. You’re welcome.

Also, in spite of what Amanda says, I am in charge of this thing, not Lisa.

PS: Benedict Cumberbatch is the only real Sherlock.

Lisa says…

To be completely honest, I joined forces with Amanda and Dwayne because Amanda was persistent, and by persistent, I mean kind of a nag.  I titled this post “JOINT BLOG!” because this is the type of email or tweet, and I think even text message that I repeatedly got from her. JOINT BLOG! It turned into more of a tic than anything else and I just ignored it because, come on.  What do I have to write about?  In the past year on my personal, very neglected blog, I have only a small handful (maybe a half a handful) of posts about riveting and crowd-pleasing topics such as my birthday, my dog dying, and my trip to the Caribbean.  I sort of ran out of steam.  I stopped feeling like sharing.  I didn’t want to blog.  But that Amanda and her tic… they started to break me down.  Started to make me wonder if maybe this wasn’t a bad idea.  Amanda is hilarious, no matter how much she thinks she isn’t, and doing anything with her is fun.  And then you throw Dwayne into the mix.  Dwayne, who (weirdly) I first met when he took the position I left at my last job, and who I became strange, close-yet-kind-of-anonymous internet friends with via the wonderful world of Twitter.  He’s funny and smart and offensive in just the right ratios and he yells at Amanda quite a bit, which makes me laugh.  So I gave in.  And now here we are.  Three sarcastic, opinionated, internet-crazed, pop-culture fanatics with a new, fun place to share our thoughts.  Look out, it’s gonna be a fun ride.


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